Top 10 Tips for Finding a Job

How to Find a Job. All about job searches and finding employment.

These are real world tips for finding a job in any economic environment.

1) Get a skill and training related to producing something people use, whether it is in selling or production, estimating or designing, programming or rebuilding, painting or crafting.

2) Do networking with people in your prospective fields. If you have to, set up a web site or open a forum about your segment of the industry, and promote it.

3) Most better jobs are found by word of mouth, from some friend or acquaintance. Obviously then you need to develop friends and contacts everywhere you can and talk a little about what you do or want to do.

4) Get into the placement center of the training center you select and start really working the list of companies, to try to get an internship, part time, or even volunteer occasionally to help to learn the ropes and get in the door.

5) Choose a growth field in a growing industry. If you can't be a major designer, producer or marketer, go in around the edges, as support staff.

6) Prepare a great resume that is not very different in layout than standard employment applications. Get a good book (good reviews) on resume writing. Don't make the resume too long. Learn to write power action and specific result words, like "Designed and managed production of the new prototype of the _______;" or "Renovated 8 houses in 2009"; "Sold 1.2 million dollars in _____ in 2008".

7) Learn how to open doors by meeting the gatekeepers, talking to them and knowing their names, likes and dislikes. A gatekeeper can be a friend or relative or staffer of an executive.

8) Persistence does a lot. Don't harass daily, but call every week or two and find a way to capture their interest, such as by a news clipping they may be interested in, or just a cute item about their favorite team or subject. Job finding is just a numbers game. When an opening occurs, they want to hire. Don't be bashful. Be THERE, neatly, early, with good posture, well dressed and knowledgeable. Be interested and confident, but not too eager. They want someone who is competent.

9) Be innovative so they know you can be creative and that you work hard. Do something like a nice card, each giving one of ten reasons to hire YOU, one per week.

10) Know a lot about your target companies. Impress them that you know more than they do about it. Know who is who, and work also by referrals. You might call one number, then others, and say you might have a wrong number, then that someone suggested you call. Ask questions about the company and who makes decisions, and be a better listener. Find out what that person's main interests are and ask more about that. Eventually someone will point you to someone who may be hiring.

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Do a better job than your competitors. In these tough economic times, it's true that few companies are hiring, and wages are depressed. But many are still being hired. Be like a salesperson. The faster you get past the "no's", the quicker you get to "yes"!

Mean time, consider starting or acquiring a small business. Essentially that is creating or buying your own job. There are many advantages and disadvantages to owning a business. A very small but profitable business can be way better than a job. You don't have to take orders from idiot rude bosses, nor take flack from A-hole co-workers. But you do have to deal with customers who can be irate and similar to those bosses and co-workers. However, YOU can FIRE them !! (Especially if your business is in demand). The way you get around that is to upgrade and improve your customers constantly.

Another big advantage is doing things the way you want to. Also you might just turn that into doing what you like or love. You can change a business, adapt it if you want to, or sell it and start another. Check out our Alternatives to a Job and Buying or Starting a Business Helpful Pagestm of consumer and citizen better living tips.
Good luck!

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