How To Tell If Your Employer Is In Trouble

20 Clues Of A Failing Employer / Business
How To Tell You Are About To Lose Your Job

If you are an employee, manager or mid-level executive, here are some signs that your company may be in trouble. If you see many of these signs that the business is about to fail, consider seeking another job. Alternatively, plan to start or buy a business. It is usually a good idea to keep your resume and job prospects sharpened at least once a year. Management usually tries to keep an employee who has a job offer elsewhere, even when that company is reducing workforce. It's a matter of their pride.

If you are worried about your job, check our Top 10 Tips for Finding a Job, and Alternatives to a Job.

Most companies go through ups and downs due to bad or changed management, changing economy or industry, regulation or loss of a major customer or supplier. Plan for it. Watch for these 20 signs of an employer having business problems:

1) The best people are leaving the company to find better positions.

2) The employer is reducing work force faster than the work load, workers can barely keep up, and some or most new work goes to "contractors" or out of the country.

3) The work and sales are declining. The industry is likely in a long slump.

4) Customers are complaining a bit more about the company's performance, quality and/or deliveries.

5) Employee moral is down or declining.

6) Wage increases of at least cost of living, or bonuses are being reduced.

7) A new competitor has come on the scene of your industry segment, or is under new management with better products.

8) Management is not listening to the relatively quiet competent technical and management experts.

9) The company is changing policies again before others have even been tested adequately.

10) The company has reorganized two or three times in the last 5 years.

11) Training and employee moral building and incentives have been reduced.

12) Benefits are being cut back such as insurance, profit sharing, stock option grants.

13) HR, personnel and training departments suffer more cuts than other departments.

14) The company has added lines or new types of products selling to different types of customers in the last couple of years, and there are some problems with the new product's sales or quality, or the older steady lines are being cannibalized or increasingly ignored and short- budgeted.

15) The company has in the recent two or three years attempted to greatly expand its market reach, such as by "going global" when its strengths are regional.

16) The board of directors is composed mostly of figureheads, top officers and few outside experts, and board and executive pay keeps going up faster than workers and lower management. The board continues to go on a couple of annual junkets to the Carribean for three days even though employee perks and breaks are being cut back.

17) Executives and management talk about "outsourcing" and cutting costs more than improving the best flagship products. The company shows no loyalty to its employees nor its country.

18) Incompetent management is promoted over technically based departments or divisions, such as engineering, design, production, or research-- and product improvement is cut way back. There is likely new unseasoned management who does not really know the business, such as children of the founder. They don't listen to the workers and middle management, and they don't talk directly to customers.

19) Marketing people are all excited about orders from some new big unproven company which has a pie-in-the-sky grand business model but not much technical ability, like Nortel selling to Telligent back in the telecom boom days of 2002. (Calculate realities of their business model and dollars invested).

20) The company more and more promotes back-stabbing loud-mouth ignorant ruthless ass holes or fast-talkers, over really knowledgeable producers and unifiers.

Oh ! Does this sound like your average American company ?? NOW you know why our country is in trouble. Too many company owners are like everybody, into looking tough with a glossy image over substance, and promote incompetent short-sighted tough loud talkers pushing outsourcing and contractors, rather than promoting from within the intelligent inspiring competent management who inspire loyalty and performance of local work forces.

Unfortunately a lot of American management is bad. They've failed their communities and betrayed their country, favoring globalism that favors the largest corporations. When your company looks like MCI and WorldCom on a small scale, like fat cat city, bilking investors and abusing employees, your company is in trouble.

But What goes around... comes around. The ex-employees they abused can run better businesses. Look into running your own business.

See a few more signs that your employer or main customer may be in trouble in this CBS news article. The author, Christopher Lochhead, has some good points, especially those about executives not communicating with employees, evidence of running out of cash and foremost that the company strategy is nonexistent, vague or doesn't make sense. The core of survival of any company is good people in a good line of business with a great strategy. Every aspect of a business, and the success of every functional element of the business depends upon a great business strategy with matching subordinate strategies. Such are the main determinates also of successful web business and web marketing and promotion, which you must know if you decide to run your own business.

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